Crack Filling


Asphalt Crack Sealing is the most effect form of pavement maintenance. Strong Arm Sealcoating offers its premium highway grade crack filler to all residential, strata, commercial and industrial clients. This is the same top quality crack sealant used by the government to prolong the life of our major highways.

Cracks Happen

Cracks that occur in your pavement are the first sign of weathering, they are also the critical point where if maintenance isn’t performed the pavement will begin to deteriorate at a rapid pace. When water enters the cracks it erodes the base of the asphalt causing further cracks and potholes. Large asphalt repairs are very costly and it is much more effective to have your cracks sealed before they become a serious problem.

Cracks can be caused by:

  • Poor foundation
  • Not having a thick enough layer asphalt
  • Having too thick a layer of asphalt
  • Earth movement
  • Heavy vehicles
  • Roots from trees
  • Sharp grade/incline
  • The annual freeze-thaw cycle

Protect your investment with routine asphalt maintenance.

We use only the highest quality crack repair products that will allow us to prevent further asphalt deterioration and decay.

Other situations requiring Hot Rubber Asphalt Crack Repair may include longitudinal, transverse and diagonal cracks, edge cracks, reflective cracks, construction joint cracks, widening cracks, tree root cracks and edge or lane joint cracks.
It is extremely important to repair any asphalt cracks that arise and maintain an ongoing Asphalt Crack Repair maintenance program.

Once water is allowed to enter the crack, the foundation will begin to erode resulting in extensive and costly damage.

The Solution

Strong Arm Sealcoating uses various crack repair solutions depending on the specific application:
The first step to crack repair is cleaning.  All cracks are cleaned of dirt and vegetation to ensure a strong adhesion for the crack filling material.

Next is the application of product. Hot Rubber Crack Filler is used on commercial lots as well as residential, strata properties and public roadways as it holds up well under high traffic conditions. Our trained experts apply the crack filler ensuring the crack is completely filled and over-banded slightly to ensure a sound watertight bond.

The Hot Rubber will then have sand spread over the rubber in hot summer conditions or in high traffic areas as the curing process ensues. Hot applied methods reach a total cure when they have cooled to meet the surface temperature.

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